​Randy devoted the next year and a half to developing the dream.  With the help of an architect, Randy designed a cozy family atmosphere, complete with trains, murals, and an open fireplace.  He borrowed his mom's recipes, his father's nickname, and soon became reality with the opening of the first Mutt's BBQ Restaurant in Greer, SC in October, 1998.

​"The History of Mutt's BBQ"

An Idea is planted, a dream is nurtured, and the dream becomes reality.  A simple process, it seems, but the road from the idea to reality is much more.

The idea for Mutt's BBQ stemmed from a long family tradition in Randy Jones' family.  His grandfather, on special occasions, especially Christmas, dug an open pit, cut hickory wood, made his special sauce, and presented his family with a whole pig, prepared to perfection.  Years later, his son Mutt, desiring to pass along the tradition to his sons, began having "pig pickings" every Thanksgiving.  Friends, neighbors, and family were all invited.  As many as 150 still gather on Thanksgiving Day for this special feast.